MEP Mini Syntax

Multi Purpose Center Off Coil

Manufacturer MEP SpA
Model Mini Syntax
Make 2008
Type/Category Multi Purpose Center Off Coil
Description Multi Purpose Center Off Coil with Double Bending Unit, four pay-offs and four coil holders, pulling winch, extra 12m collection rack, fully operational with full set of spare parts (pins, mandrells, etc.). The machine can be used both as a powerful stirrup bender and as a straightening, cutting and shaping center off coils up to Φ16mm.
Usage Minimal ~350hrs
Condition Practically New.
Accessories / Extras
  1. Four Pay-Offs
  2. Four Coil Holders
  3. Pulling Winch
  4. 12m Collection Rack
  5. Full Set of Spare Parts
  6. Full Set of Manuals
Comments The machine is practically new.
Price/Terms To Be Agreed