EUROSTEEL is a Group of Companies that specialises in different aspects of the rebar business.

Our history dates back in the late 80s. At that time we were importing and distributing domestically a variety of steel products including rebar in bars and in coils, electrowelded mesh and galvanised mesh, steel wire and steel wire products, flat bars, steel plates, beams, angles, nails, etc.

During the 90s we focused on rebar. We strengthened our position as importers and local distributors by developing close ties with all renowned international rebar producers and by expanding our distribution network at home.

At the beginning of the centruty we integrated forward, by entering the cut and bend segment. We designed our facilities, we sourced our equipment, we staffed our operations and we started offering our products and services to a number of end users ranging from big construction firms, to private individuals.

Capitalising on the expertise we have gained over the last 30 years as rebar wholesalers cut and benders, and as a result, actual users of rebar processing machines, we developed the rebar processing equipment trading business.

Our Used Rebar Machinery leg focuses on the resale of second hand equipment for the steel reinforcing industry.

Today we are offering our clients our expertise, our technical and business know how in selecting the best equipment that suit best their projects and type of work.

Our competitive advantage lies in that we are not only sourcing and reselling quality rebar processing machines, but also we have selected them, used them efficiently and productively, maintained them, refurbished them and resold them for our own operating reasons.

We are offering our clients the same quality of services we have enjoyed all this years ourselves.

Please visit our rebar trading and cut and bending site for more information on that.