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We can offer a wide variety of rebar processing machines from coil or bar. Our product portfolio includes machines for pile caging and pre-caging.
We also source equipment for the wire mesh industry.
For our industrial clients we can offer vehicles, cranes, motors, etc.
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Automatic Stirrup Benders, Coil Processing Centers, Straightening Machines, and accessories, such as Coil Holders, Collection Racks, etc.


Cut to Size Machines such as Cutting Benches and Share Lines, Multi Purpose Centers for both Cutting and Bending of Rebar, Automatic Shaping Centers, Automatic Benders, Manual Benders, etc.


Pile Cage Machines and Cage Assemblers or Pre Cagers for the assembly of piles, pillars, etc.


Mesh Benders for ready made pillars and Mesh Producing Machinery


Trucks, Tailers, Semi-Trailers, Forklifts, etc


Elevating equipment such as cranes, industrial motors, weigth bridges, spare parts, etc.

… and Services

Not only do we sell rebar processing machinery, but we can also refurbish them according to your needs, disassemble and store them on your behalf, or even remarket them for you.
With the experience we have gained over the last thirty years in the steel business, we can help you to improve your business and achieve superior performance at any step of it.


Fully or partially refurbsish the machinery


Draft your business plan, assist you in the sourcing of materials, help you select the equipment you need


Safely and accurately disassemble, store, assemble your equipment, train your personnel


Manage your assets for sale in order to achieve lower costs and enhanced revenues