Schnell CGS300 Shearline + Robomaster 40/12, 2005

Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center


Manufacturer Schnell SpA
Model CGS300+Robomaster 40/12
Make 2005
Type/Category Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center
Description The Center consists of:

  1. Shearline CGS300 in turn consisting of
    1. ┬áStorage rack with four compartments (rebar feeding). It is equipped with standard stairways, footboards, walkways, operator’s platform and arched arms, pneumatically driven to allow the bars to slide on the level underneath, In between the storage compartments there’s a roller conveyor leading the bars to the blade.
    2. CGS300 HDY hydraulic guilotine shear, mounted on a robust fixed frame with 30mm blade. Underneath there’s a scrap wagon moving on tracks.
    3. The most advanced CON-S/SL300 control board with graphic industrial PC and automatic control programme.
    4. The most advanced VBM/12/2G measuring and cutting track (moving the mobile ledge along its length), which flips the bars on both sides of the plant.
    5. Rack of 12m with three compartmnets for bundling the cut to size bars, when no further processing is required.
    6. Two lane roller conveyor feeeding the Robomaster 40/12
  2. Automatic Double Bending Robot Robomaster 40/12 consisitng of:
    1. Feeding Roller conveyour with pneumatically driven feeding arms
    2. Two bending units with bar unloaders
    3. Control console
    4. Pins and mandrels.

The Center is stored indoors disassembled (it can be powered on). Disassmbly was performed by specialised technicians. Its condition is Very Good, and the Center has not worked that much.

Usage 22.850 hour
Condition Very Good
Accessories / Extras
Comments The Center is sold As It Is
Price/Terms To Be Agreed