Schnell Optibat 65T/3/12 plus Robomaster 40/12

Automatic Cutting & Bending Center

Manufacturer Schnell SpA
Model Optibat 65T/3/12 plus Robomaster 40/12
Make 2006
Type/Category Automatic Cutting & Bending Center
Description The Center is in EXCELLENT condition, FULLY OPERATIVE.

The Optibat comes with a robust 10 compartment rebar storage area (that can store 14m bundles), Genius Automatic Loading System, 3 roller conveyors, and all necessary spare parts and accessories. The Robmaster has its own roller conveyor for the feeding of cut-to-size bars (directly from the Optibat), 5 easels, control console, safety relays, and all necessary pins and mandrels. The bench can be extended to 14m.

Usage 24.950hrs/12.500hrs(Estimate)
Condition Excellent, Still Operational
Accessories / Extras Optionally their aircompressor (MARK, “MAXP11/10, 2006 model) can be offered
Comments The machines can be sold as a Center or one by one.
Price/Terms To Be Agreed