Cutting Bench VR32/3

Automatic Cutting Plant

Manufacturer Galanos SA – Kiklops
Model VR32/3/RB001
Make 2003
Type/Category Automatic Cutting Plant
Description Automatic Cutting Plant consisting of an easily connected to the main body bundles’ storage area of 10 compartments, and the machine main body which runs on rails in order for the pulling unit to align with the compartment of the bars to be cut. Cutting schemes are programmed easily through an Industrial PC. At the end of the share there are three storage corridors, with rollers that forward the cut bars to the exit.
Usage Medium
Condition Very Good, Still Operational
Accessories / Extras Subject to agreement, the machine can be accompanied by an additional completely new relevieng bench (10m) placed at the end of the storage corridors, in order to increase cut-to-lenght bars’ discharge speed.
Comments The machine can be delivered both “As Is”, as well as after refurbishment
Price/Terms To Be Agreed