EVG Polybend PBC2-16A, 2008/8

Multi Purpose Center Off Coil

Manufacturer EVG GmbH
Model Polybend PBC2-16A “Add a Bend”
Make 2008
Type/Category Multi Purpose Center Off Coil (“Add a Bend” Version)
Description The Machine is Fully Fledged. It comes with 8 motorised-synchronised pay-offs, potable wire straightener, pulling winch, auto-diameter change over, “Add a Bend” double bending unit, 9m run-off suitable for 12m shaped bars
Condition Very Good, Fully Operational (videos)
Accessories / Extras Portable wire straightener, pulling winch,auto-diameter change over, accessories (almost full set), manuals
Comments The machine is delivered both “As Is”
Price/Terms To Be Agreed