MEP GAM1500, 2008RU

Automatic Pile Cage Machine

Manufacturer MEP SpA
Model GAM1500
Make 2008
Type/Category Automatic Pile Cage Machine
Description The machine is a Fully Fledged 12m/1,500mm model, consisting of machine min body, rebar storage area along with walking corridor, welding unit and a variety of rings and bushes. It has been used very little and remained stored disassembled for a few years. The machine is under refurbishment, ready for delivery in a short time. Given the low usage, the year of make and the fact that is being refurbished, it will be delivered like a new machine.
Usage EXTREMELY LOW – 1.593 hours
Accessories / Extras A variety of rings and bushes
Comments The machine is delivered Refurbished
Price/Terms To Be Agreed