MEP/OMES RF20, 2005 model, Fully Refurbished

Automatic Straightening & Cutting Machine
Manufacturer MEP SpA
Model RF20
Make 2005
Type/Category Automatic Striaghtening & Cutting Machine
Description Fairly simple, easy to use, cheap to run and maintain rotor straightening and cutting machine up to 20mm (round bars) or 16mm (rebars). It comes with one simple pay-off, 12 m collection rack, and all accessories for 8mm to 16mm (bushing, blades, wire guides, etc,). Machine is under refurbishment. Fotos are from a similare one recently refurbished.
Usage N/A
Condition Excellent, Fully Refurbished, Fully Operative
Accessories / Extras All accessories from 8mm to 16mm.
Comments This is a fully refurbished machine
Price/Terms To Be Agreed