MEP Superflex40 + CS440SX

Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center


Manufacturer MEP SpA
Model Superflex 40/3/14 + CS440SX/14
Make 2013 + 2009
Type/Category Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center

The Center consists of:

1. Superflex40/3/14 cutting bench with 3x14m roller lanes

2. CS440SX bidirectional automatic bending robot also 14m long,

3. B1M1R/12, 12m roller conveyor leading the cut to size bars to a 3xpocket rebar storage ares

Production capacity:

1xΦ40, 2xΦ32, 3xΦ16, 4xΦ20, 5xΦ16, 6xΦ14, 8xΦ10,9xΦ8

The machines are Fully Operative. They have worked very little (i.e. the Superflex has cut ~19.000 ΜΤ in total, or ~200 MT per month). Moreover, they have been kept, serviced, and maintained very well.

The CS440SX comes with a standard full set of bending hearts and split formers, whereas there are spare blades for the Superflex40.

Both machines come with original set of manuals.

Usage Low (Appr. 200MT per month)
Condition Very Good. Fully Operative
Accessories / Extras Blades for the Superflex, Standard Full Set of Bending pins for the CS440SX
Comments The Center is sold As It Is
Price/Terms To Be Agreed