Pedax Cardomatic RS300, 2013

Shear Line

Manufacturer Pedax GmbH
Model RS 300
Make 2013
Type/Category Shear Line

A complete shearline, having a capacity of 1xΦ55mm, 5xΦ40mm, 6xΦ36mm, 7xΦ32mm,…, 30xΦ8mm.

It comes with:

1x16m material storage rack 3 level plus 1x16m material storage rack 2 level,

16m infeed roller conveyor,

Operator’s podium with user friendly control console joystick operated (bare code scanner),

Shear with a 300mm blade,

14m cutting and measuring table with kick-off on both sides

Collecting pockets with 4 bins, 14m, and

Collecting pockets with 3 bins, 14m

Usage Minimal
Condition Excellent, Fully Operative
Accessories / Extras
Comments The machine assembeld, operative, ready for immediate delivery
Price/Terms To Be Agreed