Pedax Combiline G + Permatic, 2005 models

Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center



Manufacturer Pedax GmbH
Model Combiline G + Permatic
Make 2005
Type/Category Automatic Cutting & Shaping Center

The Center consists of:

1. Combiline in turn consisting of

  a. Mobile rebar storage area 18m, 5 slots,

  b. Shear unit, with control console, and 14m run-off kicking off:

     i. To the right on a roller covneyor flipping cut to size bars to a 14m storage bin with 4 stacks

     ii. To the left on a 14m chain converyor

2. Chain conveyor 14m flipping the bars to the roller conveyor of the Permatic

3. Permatic with control console, 14m roller conveyor, fixed head, mobile head, and 3x mobile trolleys. The Permatic comes with a more than complete set of bending pins and split formers.

Usage Medium to low
Condition Very Good, Fully Operative
Accessories / Extras For a fast deal we’re also offering an extera 12m roller conveyor kicckin off both to the left and the right in 2x12m storage beans (one on each side) 4 stacks each
Comments The Center is sold either complete, or in parts (Combilne G / Permatic)
Price/Terms To Be Agreed