Electrowelded Mesh Producing Line

Manufacturer H.A. Schlatter AG
Model MG 28.1/9C
Make 1997
Type/Category Complete Mesh Producing Line
Description The Line consists of:

  1. Line Wire Changing & Feeding System ZG 28 LVB 1/32
  2. Corss Section Wire Insertion Line directly from Coils (prestraightened)
  3. Wire Mesh Welding Machine MG 28.1/9C
  4. Mesh Pull Out Device ZG 28 MAZ4
  5. Mesh Truning & Stacking Device ZG 24 MWS 15/06
  6. Control Center MP SWEP 04/115U

Diameters of Cross & Line Wires: Φ4mm-Φ10mm

Mesh Dimensions: 2.800mm x 1.100mm

Wire Φ             Min.Spacing           Max no. Line Wires

8,0-8,0mm        100x100mm                   25

10,0-10,0mm    150x150mm                   15

No. of Transformer Groups:9

Speed:110 strokes/mn

Usage Medium
Condition Very Good. Currently disassembled stored indoors
Accessories / Extras Optionally, the Line can be accompanied by Straightening & Cutting Machine
Comments The machine was reconditioned/refurbished in 2007. Ever since its usage was light, until 2012 when it was taken out of production.
Price/Terms To Be Agreed, As Is