Schnell Follrmula 14 Sapiens

Automatic Stirrup Bender

Manufacturer SCHNELL SpA
Model Formula 14 Sapiens
Make 2007
Type/Category Automatic Stirrup Bender
Description Automatic Stirrup Bender with a Set of Four Pay-Offs, Four Coil Holders, Automatic Pulling Winch, Automatic Diameter Change, Industrial PC model “KS 104”, Control Console with Joy-Stick for the control of the last set of adjusting rollers. Final set of rollers allows the straightening of two coils in a totally independent manner
Usage Medium to Low (9.406 hrs)
Condition EXCELLENT. Fully Operational
Accessories / Extras Automatic Pulling Winch, Automatic Diameter Change
Comments The machine can be delivered both “As Is”, as well as after refurbishment
Price/Terms To Be Agreed