Schnell Robomaster 40/14

Automatic Bending Robot

Manufacturer Schnell SpA
Model Robomaster 40/14
Make 1994
Type/Category Automatic Bending Robot
Description The year of make does not tell the machine’s true story. The machine has been very carefully operated and very thorougly maintained. It has been refurbished quite a few times. Last refurbishment was done last year. The electrical system and the dented rack were changed. It processes bars upto Φ40mm and 14m length. The unit is in VERY GOOD condition, FULLY OPERATIVE, and it needs only cleaning (if so) to be put in immediate production.
Usage 35.000 hours
Condition Very Good,Fully Operative
Accessories / Extras Automatic Bar Feeding System, Bar Code Scanner, Head Alignment System, Safety Relas. The unit is equipped not only with split formers, but also with mandrels and bending hearts, that facilitate the bending up to Φ40mm
Comments The machine can be delivered both “As Is”, as well as after refurbishment
Price/Terms To Be Agreed