Stema-Pedax Twinmaster 16III

Multi Purpose Center Off Coil
Manufacturer Pedax GmbH
Model Twinmaster 16III
Make 2008
Type/Category Multi Purpose Center Off Coil / Automatic Stirrup Bender with Double Bending Unit
Description Multi Purpose Center Off Coil with Double Bending Unit, two pay-offs and four coil holders, extra 12m collection rack, fully operational with full set of spare parts (pins, mandrells, etc.). The machine can be used both as a powerful stirrup bender and as a straightening, cutting and shaping center off coils up to Φ16mm.
Usage Light. ~ 3.600 hrs
Condition EXCELLENT, Currently Operating
Accessories / Extras 1. Two Pay-Off Stations

2. Four Coil Holders

3. Extra 12m Collection Rack

4. Full Set of Spare Parts (pins, mandrells, etc.)

5. Full Set of Manuals

Comments The machine is in excellent condition, fully operational, well maintained, without any damages. It plugs and it plays.
Price/Terms To Be Agreed